15 Google Home Commands for Mini Games and More

You can do many things with Google Home commands. Here are some interesting Google Home commands to try. Google Home combines the convenience of the Google Assistant with smart home devices, opening up the world of what you can do with Google Home commands.

From commands to open small games to commands to control your smart home, there's no shortage of things to try. Here are some interesting Google Home commands to use.

What Are Google Home Commands?

Google Home commands are commands that work with compatible devices. They work with both Google devices as well as partner smart screens and smart speakers. These devices run the Google Assistant, which allows them to access multiple apps and services through voice commands.

Google Home commands cover everything from launching interactive small games, controlling compatible devices, allowing hands-free calling, and more. Commands can also be stringed together through processes.

Google Home processes perform a series of tasks associated with a voice command. For example, if you ask Google Home to prepare you for bed, it can start the habit of dimming your bedroom lights, playing relaxing music, and turning down your thermos.

Google Home dicties you don't need to take your Android device everywhere to use the Google Assistant in your home. Instead, you can use your voice to wake up your Google Home device and order it. This also makes it possible for the whole family to access assistants that each individual does not need their own device.

Google Home Commands: Games You Can Play

Google Assistant-powered devices such as the Google Mini, Google Home, and Google Max are perfect for playing games---either by yourself or with others. Here are a few Google Home mini-games you should try out.

1. Play Ding Dong Coconut

Ding Dong Coconut is an interesting mix of memory and sound games. In the game, you need to remember sounds played by Google Home and words that Assistant assigns to them. For example, a dog's bark may be associated with the word "smartphone". During the game, you will be expected to recall which words are associated with which sounds.

Just say: "Hey Google, let's play Ding Dong Coconut."

2. Take Part in a Song Quiz With Google Home

Song Quiz is a pop music game where players guess the song name and artist for small clips. You can choose the decade from which the quiz songs should be selected, as well as how many players are taking part.

Just say: "Hey Google, talk to Song Quiz."

3. Play the Brainstormer Trivia Game for Google Home

If you're looking for a fun, general knowledge and trivia game to play, ask Google Home to open Brainstormer Trivia. The multiple choice quiz questions you on a variety of topics, providing you with an explanation if you get an answer wrong.

Just say: "Hey Google, talk to Brainstormer Trivia."

4. Play The Game of Castle

Another fun Google Home mini-game to try is The Game of Castle. This RPG leads you through a narrated adventure and series of scenarios. You are given choices on what to do next, with Google taking you through each stage of the game.

Just say: "Hey Google, ask The Game of Castle to begin adventure" or "Hey Google, ask The Game of Castle to start the game".

5. Play Akinator Game With Google Home

Akinator is a fun spin on 20 questions where the roles are reversed---a fictional genie named Akinator will ask you twenty questions to figure out which celebrity, public figure, or fictional character you are thinking about.

Just say: "Hey Google, I want to talk to Akinator."

6. Find New Games for Google Home

Not sure which game to play and want to try something new? You can always get help from Google. First, there are some fun questions to ask your Google Homepage. But if you're specifically looking for a game to play, you can ask Google to guide you through the list of games to choose from.

Just say: "Hey Google, let's play a game."

Google Home Commands: Music, Sound, and Audio

If you're looking for entertainment, but not necessarily games, there's no shortage of audio content available through your Google Home device. Try out some of these commands to listen to music, hear new podcasts, or enjoy some radio broadcasts.

7. Listen to Your Favorite Songs

You can ask Google Home to play you certain songs and tracks from your associated music account. All you need to do is name the song and artist and Google will start playing the track. The default app used it Google Play Music, but you can also associate your other active streaming accounts with Assistant.

Just say: "Hey Google, play [song name] by [artist]."

8. Play Ambient Sounds for Relaxation

White noise and ambient sounds are great at helping you fall asleep. Google Assistant saves you the trouble of downloading apps by playing ambient sounds such as rainstorms, a crackling fire, and more to help you wind down.

Just say: "Hey Google, help me relax" or "Okay Google, what ambient sounds do you know?"

9. Listen to the Radio With Google Home

For those times you'd like to ditch Spotify or Pandora, ask Google to play your favorite radio station instead. Depending on the associated app you're using, Assistant will respond to the station's call sign or number on the dial.

Just say: "Hey Google, play [radio station name]."

10. Recommend a Podcast

If you're in the mood to listen to a podcast but aren't sure what to try, Google Home can help you out. Simply ask Assistant to recommend a podcast and it will generate a list of ten to play.

Just say: "Recommend a podcast."

Google Home Commands for Chromecast

You can control your Chromecast using the Google --- Assistant, and by extension, give your Google Home device the functionality of a TV controller or an automated media outcast. However, you'll need to assign a name to your Chromecast, such as Living Room TV (the default name Google provides) so that the Assistant correctly recognizes the device you want to use.

Here are some Chromecast commands to try ...

11. Use Your Chromecast as a Remote Control

You can use Google Home commands so that Assistant functions as a remote control for your television. These features include turning your TV on and off, volume control, and media playback controls.

Just say: "Turn on my TV" or "Mute my TV."

12. Stream Your Favorite Netflix Series on Chromecast

If you have linked your Netflix account to your Google Home account, you will be able to stream series and movies to Chromecast using voice commands. If you specify the series you want to watch, it will usually pick up where you left off.

Just say: "Hey Google, play [series name] from Netflix on [Chromecast name]."

13. Get Chromecast to Play Music

Another command you can use with Google Home and Chromecast is music streaming on your TV. You can choose a specific song or simply get a curated playlist of suggested music from your streaming app. Other options include streaming music with a specific theme to your Chromecast. This includes relaxing music or a certain music genre.

Just say: "Hey Google, play [song name] on [Chromecast name]."

Useful Google Home Commands for Smart Homes

Some of the best features of Google Home come from its smart home functionality. Assistant is able to work with a number of third-party devices to create a fluid smart home experience.

14. Control Your Home's Lighting

You can use Google Home to control lighting across your smart home. Commands range from dimming lights to checking the status of certain rooms' lights. However, the specific app you want to use with Assistant will depend on which brands you're using.

Just say: "Hey Google, dim the lights in [room name] or "Hey Google, are the lights on in [room name]?"

15. Get Google Home to Find Your Phone

Probably one of the most useful commands you can use with a Google Home speaker or display is the find phone feature. This is an especially handy tool if you're prone to leaving your smartphone lying around the house. Google will make your phone start ringing, even if it is on silent mode, so that you can find it again.

Just say: "Hey Google, find my phone."

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