8 Ways Alexa Can Help You This Christmas

If you find yourself in a bind over the holidays, don't panic, just ask Alexa for help...

We all have moments of excitement as we watch happy occasions to bond families together on Christmas Day. However, many of us will lie if we do not know what can happen. Step into Alexa, to make sure your back is always covered:

We all have exciting moments when we think about how wonderful it is to be gathered with family and friends at Christmas. However, many of us will lie if we insist there is no fear of something wrong.

But don't worry, because Alexa, Amazon's talented personal assistant, is always here to help. And in this article, we list ways alexa can help you in times of need this holiday season.

1. Find Stores Open on Christmas Day

A classic for many of us, but don't panic. If you've forgotten some indispensable ingredients for Christmas dinner, such as erm seed or cranberries, just ask Alexa, "Alexa, which store is open on Christmas Day?"

In response, Alexa will list stores in your local area that open on December 25.

And if you've forgotten to buy Uncle Joel a gift because honestly, you never know if he's coming or not, you'll be happy to know that Alexa isn't just naming food stores. You can also ask places to make more specific purchases.

2. Keep the Music Going

That may seem obvious, but with Amazon Music constantly evolving and Alexa's technology now able to connect to your Sonos, the days of sitting down and making sure the perfect playlist is ready are over. Instead, Alexa will do it for you.

Just ask, "Alexa, play Christmas Music." When the big family pulls into the driveway, they will be greeted by all the classics of Christmas. If you listen to a song you like, tell Alexa, then she'll send it next time too!

3. Send Last-Minute Cards

You just put up your last Christmas card and you realize you've received one from Aunt Sally. However, to your absolute horror, you realize that you did not send her one back. When the fear of remorse is instaled in your bones, stop and let Alexa deal with it.

You must first visit the Amazon Skills Design page and select the Hallmark Holiday Greetings icon.

4. Handle Kitchen Timers

Cooking for the masses and cooking a large amount of ingredients is tough. It can be particularly tricky to get your timings right, whilst remembering what timer is for what dish. Let Alexa do it for you with clearly labelled timers:

  • "Alexa, set a turkey timer for four hours"
  • "Alexa set a roast potato timer for 45 minutes"
  • "Alexa set a brussels sprouts timer for 15 minutes"

When the timer is up, Alexa will beep, but also tell you which timer it is making a noise for. Making sure you never overcook the parsnips again.

5. Let Everyone Know When Dinner Is Ready

When you are busy in the kitchen, finalizing the food and its presentation, it can feel like extra hassle to then go and tell people to take their places around the dining room table. So don't.

Instead, ask Alexa, "Alexa, call all other devices telling them food is ready". Alexa will make the announcement in the rooms where devices can be found. This allows you to carry on with your plate arrangements, making sure the dinner looks just right. If you don’t want to disturb certain rooms, you can also make it room-specific.

This nifty little trick allows you to literally be in two places at once, meaning you don’t have to leave the food unsupervised.

6. Get Conversations Started

Christmas brings together people from the same gene pool. People with the same characteristics, the same strengths, and the same weaknesses. These similarities can sometimes cause friction in opinions. Let Alexa play the mediator.

As soon as you recognise that brother Bill and Cousin Sandy seem to be taking the conversation to the next level of opinion, simply ask Alexa, "Alexa, change the subject".

Without even taking a second to think, Alexa will ask the entire room a question, such as, "What has been the highlight of your year?" or "What do you most look forward to achieving next year?"

Not only will this divert from a conversation that probably 80 percent of the room are not interested in, but it will also soften the level of tension, putting the focus back on the excellent food you have made.

7. Answer Some Christmas Trivia

Alexa can have a Christmas quiz ready for you in a matter of minutes. Simply say to Alexa, "Alexa, give me some Christmas trivia" and before you know it, some superb facts regarding countries, traditions, and Christmas spirit will be announced.

You can also ask Alexa more specific questions such as, "Alexa, what is the highest grossing Christmas movie of all time?"

Home alone, in case you are wondering.

8. Run a Lights Show

It has been a long day and it is only 3pm. But it will soon be dark and you have got to show the rest of the street that your house didn’t just rock Christmas internally, but externally too.

Alexa is now compatible with almost any type of smart plug, meaning it is easier than ever to control your lights.

There are some superb brands that very clearly state if they are Alexa-compatible. It also means that you can turn them all on or off, via one device, saving you walking around the house clicking lots of switches.

Utilizing Amazon's Alexa for a Merry Christmas

As you can see, Alexa is pretty much the perfect Christmas wingman (or woman). Whether it be family relations, managing the timings of the food, or making sure the decor is on point.

So, if things start to go wrong this holiday season, don't panic, just ask Alexa to help you out.