The "interactive device" will feature Zigbee support among other key clues. Google look likely to announce a new Nest Hub, according to a filing with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).

The newly registered device features a screen, Zigbee, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi support, and what looks like Google's Soli radar gesture technology.

A New Hub for Your Nest

While nothing in the FCC filing states explicitly that this will be a new hub, all of the elements together make a pretty compelling case. The bulk of the detective work comes via a blog post outlining how all the clues fit together:

A4R-GUIK2 is classified as an “Interactive Device,” with Google previously using the “interactive” designation for Smart Displays and speakers.

Alongside the designation, it looks like the new device will feature a screen. The filing on the FCC website references an FCC e-label found in user-accessible menus:

“Regulatory information, certification, and compliance marks can be found with the following steps from the Home screen: System settings > Regulatory labels.”

When combined with smart home standards like Zigbee support, these two pieces of information make a pretty convincing argument for a new Soli equipped Nest Hub.

New Hub, New Nest

This isn't the only new Google product news to appear in the early days of 2021. Google recently confirmed a new line of Nest smart cameras in a statement about the now-deactivation Nest Cam IQ.

Adding Soli to the potential Nest Hub doesn't make much sense but it could fores advance the beginning of a new kind of interaction with smart home devices. Finally, if you can text Alexa when you don't want to speak out loud, why not wave your finger with your Google Assistant?