How to Connect a Google Home Device to Your Wi-Fi

The first step in getting any Google Home device integrated into your home is to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. We’ll show you how. Google Home centers are really useful, but only if they can connect to the internet. So if you're setting up a whole new center or you've just got a new router, you'll want to know how to connect Google Home to a Wi-Fi network.

Let's discover how to connect Google Home to Wi-Fi.

How to Connect Your Google Home to Wi-Fi

If you've just received Google Home or you've restored the original settings to it, you can set it up from scratch very easily.

First, get the Google Home plugged in and running. Then download the Google Home app for Android or iOS on your smartphone.

The Google Home app acts as a remote control for your device. This doubles for Google Home speakers that don't have a screen to interact with. So be sure not to uninstall the app when you're done.

In fact, if you plan to add more smart devices to your home, you'll quickly know that the app can save a lot of trouble. We've mentioned a number of reasons in our guide to why you should use the Google Home app.Once you've downloaded the app, check carefully which Wi-Fi network your phone is using. When you set up a Google Home device, it connects itself to any Wi-Fi network your phone uses.

Once you've connected your phone to the right network, open the Google Home app. Tap the + icon in the top left corner of the screen, and then choose Set up devices> Set up devices in your home.

You'll then have to set up a homepage profile to let Google know what you're using your device for. Once you're done, your phone will fix your Google Home device.

The app may ask you to confirm that the device you're connecting to is your own Google Home device. A Google Home device with a screen can give you visual signals while speakers will make small noises to confirm that you're connected to the right device.

Once you've confirmed the right device, it'll connect to your Wi-Fi. Finally, you'll get some options to set up before you can comfortably use your Google Home device. You can even play a small game with Google Home to check if it's working normally.

How to Change the Wi-Fi Network on Google Home

If you get a new router or move to a new location that uses a different network, you will need to do some additional work to connect Google Home to a new Wi-Fi network.

First, you have to tell Google to forget the network it was previously connected to. By doing that, you can then set it up again with the new network.

To do this, open the Google Home app. Then select the device you want to change. Tap the cog at the top right, then scroll down to Wi-Fi and tap Forget that's next to it. Now you can set it up once again as per the steps we covered previously.

How to Change a Google Home's Wi-Fi Network If You Delete the App

Because your phone acts as the remote control for the device, uninstalling the app or losing your phone will lock you out of using Google Home.

To solve this problem, you can factory reset your Google Home device and re-sync it with a smartphone.

For more information on how to do this, find your device on Google Nest Help and follow the instructions listed there. You cannot factory reset using your voice or the app, but you can use a combination of the device's physical buttons.

Setting Up Your Home With Google Home

It can be confusing to learn how to set up Wi-Fi with Google Home and change it to a network if needed. Fortunately, once you know the steps, you can easily disconnect and reconnect a Google Home device to Wi-Fi wherever you want it.

Now that your Google Home is up and running, why not learn some useful commands for it? After all, a smart hub is only as useful as the commands that you give it.

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