How To Switch Pokemon in Pixelmon – Complete Guide

In this how to switch Pokemon in Pixelmon guide we will explain what is Pixelmon and why you need to switch anyway. We will also provide useful info

Pixelmon is a popular mod for Minecraft. While the original mod was shut down by The Pokemon Company, it has since been reborn as Pixelmon Reforged, and features Pokemon from the most recent games, Sword and Shield.


What is Pixelmon in Pokemon

How to Switch Pokemon in Pixelmon

To make things a little easier for you, we’ve put together the mod’s default controls here. If you need to switch your Pokemon, or do anything else, you’ll see the key that command is set to here.

  • Send out/retrieve a Pokemon – R
  • Change Pokemon in GUI – [ and ]
  • Show/hide party UI – 0
  • Mount Pokemon/use an item – right click mouse
  • Choose target for current Pokemon on the field – V
  • Use selected external move – G
  • Cycle through external moves – B
  • Open Pokedex – I
  • Open your Trainer Card – U

These are the mod’s basic controls as they default when you install it. You can reassign these at anytime to make the game easier for you to play.

Why Change Pokemon?