JBL Drops Multiple New Wireless Earbud Models at CES 2021

New wireless earbuds are always welcome, and JBL's new lineup is worth your time. Harman's JBL brand always brings a full lineup of new audio hardware to CES, and this years' digital edition is no different. So, while CES 2021 is a little different, some things remain constant.

Read on to see JBL's new range of earbuds revealed at CES 2021.

JBL Live Pro+

JBL Live Pro+ is a truly new wireless in-ear headset with Adaptable Noise Protection (ANC) technology. They also have JBL's Smart Ambient technology, which you can use to chat naturally without having to remove headphones.

JBL Live Pro+ earbuding headphones are IPX4 rated for water resistance, which protects against light jets of water. They also feature Dual Connector, which allows you to connect to two devices simultaneously, as well as integrate the smart assistant you know and love.

Regarding the battery, JBL Live Pro+ offers seven hours of play back, reduced to six hours with an ANC. The protective case retains 21 hours of charging, which means you will have 28 hours of play play back between the headset and the case.

The headset will achieve about an hour of play back after 10 minutes of charging, good enough, in addition to being compatible with Qi.

You can expect JBL Live Pro+ wireless headphones to launch in March 2021 for $180, available in black, white, pink and beige.

JBL Live Free NC+

Next up is JBL Live Free NC+, the second real wireless headset set. The Live Free NC+ headset features ANC, Smart Environment technology, Dual Connectivity and Fast Sync, supports Qi wireless charging, along with integration for all popular smart assistants.

For those who require a more solid pair of headphones, Live Free NC+ may be an option. They are IPX7-rated, which means that the headphones will withstand a complete immersion at a depth of one meter of water in a short time, in addition they will remove all types of dirt.

The JBL Live Free NC+ earbudding headset offers seven hours of play back, plus another 14 hours from the portable case for a total of 21 hours of use.

The JBL Live Free NC+ headset is scheduled to launch in March 2021, priced at $150, available in black, blue, white and pink.

JBL Tour Pro+

JBL Tour Pro+ is the real wireless headset in the new ear.

They will have adaptable Noise Protection technology, plus JBL Adapted Environmental Awareness, which adjusts the ANC to allow some ambient noise through noise cancellation technology and TalkThru, which adjusts the music volume automatically according to your call volume and voice.

Booking Tour Pro+ in addition to Live Pro+ and Live Free NC+ is the inclusion of JBL Pro Sound, built to make every audio experience sound as good as possible. Pro audio is provided by 6.8mm dynamic drivers, delivering excellent sound quality.

JBL Tour Pro+ offers a total of more than 30 hours of play-back. The earbuded headset provides six hours of play-back when the ANC is turned on, increasing to eight hours if Bluetooth is only turned on. The case can charge for another 22 hours, helping you stay charged as long as possible. When it's over, you can use The Quick Charge function to get an hour of play back after 10 minutes of charging.

When the JBL Tour Pro+ launches in May 2021, it will cost you back $200.

JBL at CES 2021

JBL is a well-known name throughout the world of audio hardware. New JBL earbuds and headphones always catch the eye, and these new audio accouterments fit the bill perfectly.

They're not the first releases from JBL at CES 2021, either. Check out the link above for JBL's CES 2021 headphone launches.