MG brings “Pioneer Technology and Products” at the 2021 Shanghai Auto Show.

   On April 19, the nearly 100-year-old car brand launched the world's first pure electric sports car model MG Cyberster at the Shanghai Motor Show. MG has evoked the sports car dream of young people with a powerful engine with an impressive design. The first co-creation platform also officially launched “MG CyberCube”. Customers will accompany, make decisions and benefit from the production together with the MG brand.

   In addition, MG has created models with modifications, highlighting the motto "Technology and Products Pioneer". Modified version of MG6 XPOWER, 3rd special edition of MG6 series combined with Bilibili game product, new MG5, MG Linghang PHEV and MG6 PHEV together made MG booth become trendy with young people.

   The MG booth also prepares a variety of trendy interactive games. Play the game on interactive screens in the shape of the MG logo, customize the MG6 XPOWER on the MG XPOWER online store to experience the races, express the "young" statement exclusively at the MG5 photography area, du Travel from the past to the present with a timeglass. By constantly creating new experiences, MG is always connected with young people who are curious about technology.

Launched the "cool" electric car model MG Cyberster

   As a "spokesman for young people", MG always understands the characteristics and needs of young people in the new era and creates a new product line called "Dream Technology Incubator" - MG Cyber. At the same time, the MG Cyberster model, a product that reflects the high technical level and youth-oriented mindset of the Cyber ​​product line, was officially launched.

   The world's first all-electric sports car, MG Cyberster, adopts the new design philosophy of "High Energy Romanticism", combining strong lines with harmonious and romantic details, providing a unforgettable experience. Previously, the images of the MG Cyberster made a strong impression on the media and fans as soon as it was announced. With sporty details of a racing car, "Wind Hunter" front bumper, "Magic Eyes" interactive headlights, LED strips running on both sides of the car, a flat rear end inspired by the British flag, … has created a strong attraction for a large number of customers.

   In terms of mechanical performance, the MG Cyberster can run for 800km through the development of modular battery technology (CTP). With the self-developed 8-layer Hair-pin engine, the car can accelerate from 0 to 100km/h in less than 3 seconds. Along with that, L3 autopilot technology and intelligent "atom upgrade" technology will bring unique and different experiences to the driver.

   With a new product development strategy, the Cyber ​​product line is developed based on 5 keywords: C - Co-creation, Y - Youth, B - Exceeding expectations, E - Innovation, R - Entertainment. Along with the heirs from the MG brand's nearly hundred years of history, the Cyber ​​product line is a combination of both impressive design and outstanding smart technology.

The first co-creation project is officially introduced

   At the Shanghai Auto Show, the first automotive co-engineering platform - MG CyberCUBE was officially launched. If before, when the first ideas of the MG Cyberster were announced, many people wondered: is this just a show car and will it be mass-produced? To answer these questions, the M brand has come up with a bold and new business model. Whether the product will be mass-produced and in what manner will be decided by the users of the MG CyberCUBE co-creation platform.

   The MG CyberCUBE platform is divided into two main parts: community contributions and community creation. The community contribution area will determine if the MG Cyberster will be mass-produced, and the community generation area will determine how it will be produced. The target number of crowdfunding is 5000 shares (1 share equals 1,000 RMB). From now until July 31, users can login to the MG CyberCUBE platform and only need to deposit 1,000 RMB as “Dream Gold” to participate in crowdfunding. After the target number of shares is reached, the project is considered to have started successfully.