Microsoft Launches Figma Design Kit for Surface Duo App Development

The design kit makes it easy to mock-up app designs on the go. The first version of the Figma Designer for Microsoft Surface Duo is now available to designers, allowing app developers to capture Microsoft's dual-screen device.

The Figma design tool set integrates a number of standardized templates, templates, and components, helping app developers quickly put together application designs and models for their work.

Figma Design Kit for Microsoft Surface Duo

Microsoft detailed the Figma Design Tool set for microsoft surface duo in a recent blog post.

The blog post explains how the designer works and includes a series of designs that illustrate how the Surface Duo app design works.

For example, in the image below, you might see Surface Duo Pattern 1: Extended Canvas, where the app stretches across both screens for a richer or more efficient experience.

Or, you can choose Model 5: The companion pane, where one of Duo's monitors turns into a toolbar or task area, while the second screen becomes a media outer or otherwise. You can see Form 5 in the image below.

Another interesting thing that you will find in the Figma Design Tool set is the Safe Zone, which illustrates the areas of the Surface Duo display available for application development. It all sounds normal and standard, but understanding how to prevent app content from creating a central divide is important to consider for app developers.

In the Figma Design Tool kit, "each component is built to be as flat as possible." Microsoft has provided each component for developers and designers to easily move, working in transformable layers for quick editing and style decisions.

You can view the Surface Duo Designer on Figma for a trial and start creating app templates for microsoft Surface Duo.

Is the Microsoft Surface Duo Any Good?

When the Microsoft Surface Duo launched in September 2020, the initial feedback wasn't brilliant.

 In fact, many users find the Surface Duo experience very poor, given that the technology is not yet ready for launch. As with everything about technology, companies rush to release hardware or software that are not 100% ready and consumers always suffer the consequences.

After a short time, Microsoft began publishing updates to the Surface Duo, fixing some of the more confusing issues such as faulty cameras and accidental freezing or hanging.

Recent Microsoft Surface Duo reviews paint a better picture. Microsoft has fixed many bugs and other problems holding the device back, and many app developers are considering dual-screen devices like the Surface Duo in their plans.

The launch of the Figma Designer for Microsoft Surface Duo will drive those reviews a little more as apps become more in line with Duo's design.