Smart home with AI 4.0 technology.

   What is the smart home system with AI 4.0 technology?

– That is, your home will be equipped with all the most advanced smarthome systems today, and the devices will be connected to the internet by wifi, or network cable and controlled via voice with assistant. virtual assistant Google assistant, Alex (amazon), Siri (apple), or cortana (microsoft). It is a 4.0 technology smart home using 5G internet.

– After the process of technology 1.0 (development of mechanics, steam engine), technology 2.0 (production line, electricity), technology 3.0 (development of computers, automation) was born. , and today we talk a lot about 4.0, which is the development of artificial intelligence technology that stands out as virtual assistants. Technology 4.0 or AI technology is being applied strongly in the field of life, in order to bring people comfort and convenience, and prominently applied into a smart home system (smarthome).

   What are the advantages of smart home 4.0 technology smarthome?

- No need to go through cumbersome control wires, but only need to power the device, the whole device is connected to the internet by wifi

– No need for central controller, adapter because all stored in cloud (cloud of google, apple, amazon)

– It is thanks to the whole cloud that smarthome 4.0 is always updated with the latest features, always keeping up with the times

– Easy to replace and upgrade devices, because 4.0 smart home devices work independently. If there is a failure of a certain device, only that device will not work, and the other devices will still work normally.

– The software is optimized and regularly updated from google, apple, amazon

– Control via voice as well as the keyboard easily with virtual assistants of Google (Google Assistant), Apple (Siri), Amazon (Alexa), or use applications on iPhone, iPad, Android.

- The smart home design is beautiful and luxurious thanks to the focus on design and the use of high-class materials.

– Flexible in installation, can install smarthome equipment with a complete home because no wiring is required.

– Flexible in terms of cost, can install smarthome for small apartments to luxury villas, 5-star hotels. The cost of smart home construction ranges from tens of millions of dong to several billion dong (depending on the size and number of devices).

– The cost is cheap compared to the benefits, even the 4.0 technology smart home system is cheaper than the normal smart system because there is no need for auxiliary devices.

The devices that build the 4.0 technology smart home system:

– The device supports voice control, combines multi-zone music speakers such as (google home), amazon alex, bose speakers, sonos combined with amazon alexa. Talking about smart home without these devices, it cannot be called a smart home with 4.0 technology. Because this smart device using AI technology is the core of smart home 4.0, with these devices you can command to turn on and off the lights, adjust the temperature of the air conditioner (air conditioner), curtains, open music on demand…Also you can ask anything like: how to cook delicious food, how much is the current stock index….The virtual assistants will answer you very accurately, based on the total big data collection on the internet.- Smart air conditioner temperature control device connected via wifi.
– Control the lights by wifi or on the light device…
– Smart door lock, connected via wifi bluetouth
– Security camera body temperature sensor detects motion, connects via wifi
– Smoke and co2 detectors (no need to go through signal wires as well as power cords if using batteries) with loudspeakers as well as sent to phone devices.

– There are also many other specialized smart devices such as: doorbells that display images, control curtains (curtains), TV controls .., all connected via wifi and controlled by voice or on phone.

- In the smart home system 4.0, it is possible to use many devices of many different manufacturers, but when controlling only on a single application such as: google home, alexa, siri or voice control.