Sony's new bravia XR TVS will have google tv built in

The 4K and 8K TVs come packed with other features as well. Chromecast with Google TV is creating waves in the online dongle space. However, it is not the hardware that makes people excited. Google TV's operating system is making waves and Sony is jumping on the Google TV train by adding it directly to its upcoming TVs.

Sony's New TVs Come With Google TV

Sony announced its new Bravia XR TVs on its website, and they look rather promising. Quite a few different models are coming from the technology giant. You can choose from the MASTER Series Z9J 8K LED, MASTER Series A90J, MASTER Series A80J OLED, X95J LED, and X90J 4K LED.

With so many different models, Sony seems to be hitting a wide range of different markets. There are top 8K displays that will display image quality so good that you'll have trouble finding content, mid-range OLED 4K displays, and cheaper 4K LEDs.

We won't go into the specifics of each TV, but there are some key features they share. First, they all support 4K at 120 frames per second, which is the current hotness of the video world. Along with that, Sony is set to offer some interesting AI features that automatically adjust colors, contrast, details, and sounds to create an optimal experience.

They also have newer HDMI 2.1 technology, flexible Changeable Refresh Rate, Automatic Low Latency Mode, and Advanced Audio Return Channel (eARC).

While they're all great features to have, it's the Google TV operating system that delights us the most. We recently reviewed Chromecast with Google TV, and I still use it as my primary streaming device. It's a well-built operating system that will serve these Sony TVs extremely well as they enter the competitive TV market.

With smart TV operating systems lacking in many models, getting Google TV should help put these ahead of the game.

When Can You Buy One of These New TVs?

especially Sony has not yet released price information for these TVs. The company plans to announce the price of the screens by spring 2021. I don't even want to speculate, but we hope those 8K models will push the price limit of a TV.

Sadly, availability will also be announced in spring 2021, so we will need to wait until then to find out when we can buy one of them. Ideally, Sony will sell them immediately after announcing the availability so that we can hand-see these interesting screens.

While we don't know when they'll launch, we do know that each model is available in all different sizes, so there will be one that suits everyone's room.

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