Smart home with AI 4.0 technology.

05-06-2021 - That is, your home will be equipped with all the most advanced smarthome systems today, and the devices will be connected to the internet by wifi, or network cable and controlled via voice with assistant. virtual assistant Google assistant, Alex (amazon), Siri (apple), or cortana (microsoft). It is

Google partners with rivals to develop common smart home standards

22-05-2021 - At the annual Google I/O 2021 event, Google announced that it will soon apply a new smart home standard called Matter. Open up the opportunity to combine Google-made devices with Apple HomeKit and Amazon smart home platforms.

How to stop receiving subscription renewal emails from Apple

10-01-2021 - Tired of receiving monthly emails about your app subscriptions and services paid for through Apple? Here’s how to opt-out.

Why can’t Family Sharing include more than six people?

10-01-2021 - Family sharing allows Apple to use to select up to six people in their family who can pool iCloud storage,

How to set up Family Sharing on your iPhone, iPad, or Mac

10-01-2021 - Share purchases and subscriptions with up to five other family members.