What technology in 2021 is for gamers?

19-06-2021 - Many technologies have passed the research and development stage and will be released soon in 2021, but which is the technology that gamers are waiting for the

Smart home with AI 4.0 technology.

05-06-2021 - That is, your home will be equipped with all the most advanced smarthome systems today, and the devices will be connected to the internet by wifi, or network cable and controlled via voice with assistant. virtual assistant Google assistant, Alex (amazon), Siri (apple), or cortana (microsoft). It is

Google partners with rivals to develop common smart home standards

22-05-2021 - At the annual Google I/O 2021 event, Google announced that it will soon apply a new smart home standard called Matter. Open up the opportunity to combine Google-made devices with Apple HomeKit and Amazon smart home platforms.

Small but useful features of Google Home that even longtime users may not know!

13-05-2021 - The explosive growth of smart devices in the past few years has turned Google Home into a new "golden egg" for the tech giant Google. The company said that since October 2018, every second that passes, it has sold more than 1 model of its exclusive speaker. Previously, Business Insider also

What is smart home device? Why will it become the trend of the future?

12-05-2021 - Smart home devices are becoming more and more popular and are expected to become a trend of the future. So what is smart home device and how is it beneficial?

How to Connect a Google Home Device to Your Wi-Fi

11-01-2021 - The first step in getting any Google Home device integrated into your home is to connect it to a Wi-Fi network. We’ll show you how.

Philips Hue Smart Bulbs Will Stop Working With Nest Products Soon

11-01-2021 - Google's continued slow migration from Works with Nest claims another victim, albeit temporarily.

The Google Home Commands Cheat Sheet

11-01-2021 - Our cheat sheet of Google Home commands contains tons of handy actions, including entertainment, information, and automation.

Google, Apple, and Amazon Give Parler the Boot

11-01-2021 - Parler has been removed from the Google Play and App Store, and Amazon has kicked it from its web hosting services.

Sony's new bravia XR TVS will have google tv built in

11-01-2021 - The 4K and 8K TVs come packed with other features as well.

How to Change the Name of Your Android Device

11-01-2021 - Discover how to quickly change the name of your Android phone or tablet to anything you want.