Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic, CES 2021 will be held online instead of in Las Vegas (USA) as every year.

   Participating companies will demonstrate products in the virtual showrooms of the organizers, the press conference will also take place online.

   Despite changing the form of organization, CES 2021 still promises to bring together many large companies. These are the products worth waiting for this year's exhibition.

Smart home

   After many years of development, smart home devices are increasingly perfected with more features and stability. Grasping the trend of studying and working from home, many companies have joined this potential field.

   During the epidemic blockade, sales of smart speakers, air purifiers and vacuum cleaners have skyrocketed. Smart devices that may appear at CES 2021 such as security cameras, robot vacuums, home appliances or smart lights. Health protection products can also become a trend when this is an issue that many families focus on.

   To reduce the spread of the virus, companies can bring to the exhibition masks with dust filtration technology, even software to measure temperature, identify people not wearing masks.

Audio equipments

   CES 2020 saw an explosion of audio equipment, especially true-wireless headphones. According to TechRadar, this year's exhibition is no exception with the participation of many companies such as Sony, JBL...

   For Sony, it's been a year since the WF-1000XM3 true-wireless headphones were released. Therefore, CES 2021 is the right time to launch the upgrade. Harman also confirmed to participate in the exhibition, which is expected to introduce a new series of headphones and smart speakers. For Samsung, it may launch some soundbars for TVs with built-in virtual assistants.

   At CES 2020, the number of over-ear headphones released is quite small, they may appear more at CES 2021 to serve the needs of home entertainment.

Monitors and TVs

   TVs have always been the focus product line at CES. According to CNET, Samsung announced an event on January 6 to showcase a number of new display technologies. The company also revealed a 110-inch TV model with MicroLED panels, new features on the QLED TV line to demonstrate at CES 2021.

   Last year, CES saw many 8K TV models launched. However, Stephen Baker, vice president of research firm NPD Group, said that 8K TVs may not be popular this year.

   "It's still a product that isn't needed or makes a difference right now," Baker thinks 8K TV sales will account for less than 1% by 2022. Of course, there are still many 8K TVs to be unveiled at CES. 2021, but their sales won't be so high.

   One of the interesting screen technologies being developed by LG is the transparent OLED panel, which is expected to be shared more by the company at CES 2021 in addition to the OLED, NanoCell and NEXTGEN TV lines.

   In addition to technology, Baker thinks that the TV trend in 2021 will be to increase screen size. "Users have recognized the importance of large screens and new, modern technology that offers a lot of value."

Laptops and computers

   CES 2021 will be the playground of laptops. In 2020, the outbreak of the pandemic helps laptop sales skyrocket, that's why companies like Dell, Lenovo, HP, Asus or Acer will bring many laptop models to serve all users' needs.

   According to CRN, AMD and Intel may also launch new chips at the show. In 2 days, January 11-12, Intel representatives will talk about innovations in the production process. Earlier, the company revealed its plans to launch Tiger Lake vPro CPUs for commercial PCs, Rocket Lake for gaming PCs, and Ice Lake for servers in early 2021.

   Meanwhile, AMD will have a keynote on January 12. 2020 is a year of fierce competition between the two companies, and a good start in 2021 will bring many advantages. Asus may launch a gaming laptop with NVIDIA's RTX 30-series graphics card.

   In addition, a series of accessories such as monitors, Wi-Fi routers, power outlets, webcams, microphones or devices that support livestreams may appear at CES 2021 to serve the needs of working and studying at home.

   Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology will also be mentioned at CES 2021. After years of development, VR glasses are now no longer cumbersome, and the price is more reasonable (Oculus Quest) 2 is only 300 USD). Meanwhile, AR technology continues to be improved for the business sector, focusing on serving furniture or game companies.

Mobile device

   Smartphones are always a welcome product at CES, but this is not the place to introduce the main server line, but only mid-range devices, even unfinished projects. Manufacturers usually wait until February, when the Mobile World Congress (MWC) is held to launch important products.

   Although not the largest mobile exhibition, many technologies and solutions that can be applied to smartphones are often introduced at CES. This year, users can expect improved camera sensors and screen panels alongside solutions for foldable smartphones from Samsung, LG or TCL.

   5G is also mentioned when Hans Vestberg, CEO of Verizon will give the opening speech of the exhibition with content related to the development potential of 5G in the field of healthcare and distance education.

   In recent years, CES has always been the playground of wearables. In the context of health is a priority, companies can bring to CES 2021 smartwatches, smart bracelets with integrated health monitoring, improvements from previous versions to meet the increasing needs of consumers. use.


   According to Bloomberg, General Motors has confirmed to participate in CES 2021. Here, the company will bring a number of ideas including Chevrolet electric pickup trucks. Meanwhile, Sony once surprised when it introduced the Vision-S electric car concept and tested it in August 2020. At CES 2021, the Japanese company is likely to talk in more detail about the product after a year of introduction.

   Besides electric cars, self-driving cars are also an area of ​​interest to many companies. Despite the long development, there are still many problems related to self-driving cars that need to be solved. CES 2021 could provide a solution to these difficulties when Intel will join to talk about its self-driving car business unit Mobileye.

Strange devices

   One of the most exciting things about every CES is the exotic tech products. At CES 2020, we have seen many unique products such as laser-powered mosquito finder, robot for lonely people or baby diaper with sensor.

   Exotic products are sure to debut at CES 2021, but given the scale online, they can appear rather limited. Digital Trends predicts a number of products may be released such as a cooking assistant robot or a one-handed drone controller.