The Google Home Commands Cheat Sheet

Our cheat sheet of Google Home commands contains tons of handy actions, including entertainment, information, and automation. Your Google Home is an information center, convenient and fun. With just a few words, you can adjust the thermos, play the game, or find out who starred in that movie. With so much information at your fingertips, it's hard to remember everything your Google Home can do.

That's why we've brought together this Google Home command fraud table with nearly 100 useful commands. Most of these commands also work with the Google Assistant on Android, so you don't even need a Google Home device to take advantage of them.

While we've outlined the basic commands below, Google Home has a lot more to offer. Make sure you've read our beginner's guide to Google Home before you learn.

You can ask related questions and the Assistant will understand. For example, after Google provides the answer to your question "Who sings the careless whisper song?", you can say "Play that song".

Additionally, if you're in the United States, you can ask Google Home to do multiple tasks at once. Just say "and" between the two commands. For example, you can say "Hey Google, what time is it in Sydney and how's the weather there?"

Before each of these commands, you need to say "OK Google" or "Hey Google" to wake up your device. However, if you turn on Continuous Chat in the Home app, you can add the next command without saying the wake-up phrase.

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The Google Home Commands Cheat Sheet

Google Home Device Control
Help Get help using Google Home
Turn it up / Louder Raise the volume
Turn it down Lower the volume
Set volume to [1-11] Choose volume level
Mute Prevent your speaker from listening. You'll have to press the physical button to unmute it.
Stop Cancel the current action
Send feedback Provide your thoughts about Google Home
Basic Google Home Functions
Set alarm for [time] Set a single alarm for the time you choose
Set alarm for [time] every day of the week Set a recurring alarm
Cancel my alarm Cancel your existing alarm
Snooze Snooze a ringing alarm
Remind me to [task] on [day] at [time] Set a reminder for a specific time
Set a timer for [X] minutes Set a timer
Set a second timer for [X] minutes Set a second timer
How much time is left on my timer? Hear the remaining time on any timer
Pause timer Pause a running timer
Resume timer Resume a paused timer
Add [item] to my shopping list Add an item to your Google Home shopping list
What's on my shopping list? Hear the current contents of your shopping list
Buy [item] Order from Google Express
Talk to [action name] Interact with third-party Google Home skills
Food and Health Information
How much potassium is in a banana? Get information about food
How many calories are in [food]? Get more nutritional information
What is [medical condition]? Hear basic medical info
How do I make [dish]? Get a recipe to make anything
Fine me a [food] recipe Get a recipe for an ingredient you want to use up
Sports and Entertainment
What was the score of the [team] game? Hear the latest sports scores
What is the [team] record? See how your favorite sports team is doing
When are the [team] playing next? Check the next upcoming game
What actors are in [movie]? Get entertainment-related news
Who invented [thing]? Learn historical information
Who wrote [book]? Find out who wrote books. who directed movies, and more
What is [actor]'s most popular movie? Learn more about celebrities
Who is [person]? Find out what Google knows about a person
How old is [person]? Get information about famous figures
Calculations and Conversions
How many days until [holiday]? Count down to your favorite holidays
Count to [X] Google will count out loud to your number
What's [X divided by [Y]? Perform basic math
What is [X] percent of [Y]? Perform more math calculations
What's the cosine of [X]? Perform advanced math
How many [units] are in [other units] Convert currency, units of measure, and more
How many pesos in a dollar? Perform currency conversions
How many milligrams is [X] ounces? Convert units
How do I spell [word]? Hear a word spelled aloud
How do you say [word/phrase] in [language]? Translate words and phrases
What is [foreign phrase] in English? Translate any language to your own
What does [word] mean? Get definitions for unknown words
Commute and Travel Details
How's my commute? Hear the estimated time to get to your work address
How's the traffic on the way to [location]? Get traffic data for any destination
How long will it take to walk to [place]? Find out how long it will take to reach a destination by any method
How far is [place] from here? Find out about specific distance
When is my next flight? Get the time for your next flight
Is my flight on time? Check whether your flight is on time or delayed
What's the status of [airline] [flight number]? Get details about any flight
How much is a flight to [place]? Get flight quotes
What's the capital of [country]? Hear geographical information
What time is it in [place]? Hear the local time anywhere
Calendar and To-Do
Play my daily briefing Includes the time, weather, and news
What's on my calendar for [day]? Get briefed on your first three events of the day
When is [holiday] this year? Get a specific date
Remember [thing] Store a quick note in Google Assistant's memory
What did I ask you to remember? Recall earlier notes
What/when is my next event? Hear info on your next scheduled Google Calendar meeting
News, Weather, and Local Info
Tell me the news Hear a digest of the latest news
What's the latest in [category]? Get news about a topic such as sports or technology
What's the weather? Hear the weather for your current location
What's the forecast for [day]? Get a weather summary for a specific day
What is [stock] trading at? Hear the current price of a given stock
How are the markets doing? Get a summary of the latest stock market news
What [businesses] are nearby? Find the closest restaurants, pharmacies, and more
What's the nearest [business]? Find nearby restaurants, hotels, and more
What is the phone number for the nearest [place]? Look up business phone numbers
Is [business] open now? Get opening hours for a specific place
Google Home Music and Media Commands
Play [song] | Play [album] | Play [artist] Start playing music from your default service
Play [music] on [music service] Play music from a service other than your default
Play music for [activity] Play music based on a mood, genre, or activity
Play the song that goes [lyrics] Play a song even if you don't know the title
Shuffle Toggle shuffling of music
Pause Pause your music
Resume Continue playing paused music
Skip Jump to the next song
Rewind [X] seconds Back up in a podcast or news briefing
Stop in [X] minutes Set a sleep timer
What's playing? Hear info on the current song, podcast, etc.
Play [podcast name] Start playing a chosen podcast
Listen to the latest episode of [podcast] Hear the newest episode of any podcast
Play at [X] speed Change podcast playback speed, such as 2x
Play [radio station] (on TuneIn) Hear a radio station by call sign, frequency, or similar
Play my [station] station on Pandora Play Pandora music (must link Pandora account in Google Home settings)
Play [audiobook] Listen to an audiobook from Google Play Books
Google Home Chromecast Commands
Turn on/off [Chromecast name] Toggle the power of a connected Chromecast
Play [music] on [Chromecast name] Start playing music on a connected Chromecast
Play [video] on [Chromecast name] Start playing a YouTube video on your Chromecast
Play [show or movie] on [TV name] Play content from Netflix on your TV
Play/pause [Chromecast name] Halt or resume Chromecast playback
Stop [Chromecast name] End Chromecast media playback
Skip forward/back [X] minutes on [Chromecast name] Rewind or fast-forward what your Chromecast is playing
Mute/unmute [Chromecast name] Silence or resume Chromecast audio
Show [camera name] Show your smart camera's feed on your Chromecast
Show photos on my TV Use your Chromecast to show your Google Photos
Show me a picture of [thing] See a picture on your Chromecast display
Google Home Smart Home Commands
Turn on/off my lights Toggle smart lights
Set my lights to [X] percent Dim/brighten smart lights
Turn my lights [color] Change the color of your smart bulbs
What's the temperature inside? Find out about the indoors temperature
Set the temperature to [X] Control the climate via your Nest thermostat
Lock the front door Lock your smart locks
Broadcast [message] Send a message all other Google Home speakers in your home
Google Home Phone Commands
Read my replies Hear the latest messages from Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and more
Send a WhatsApp message Message via voice in WhatsApp (must link your account in the Home app)
Call [contact] Place a call through your Google Home
Hang up End the current call
Find my phone Ring your phone to help locate it
Bluetooth pairing Pair with Bluetooth
Fun Google Home Commands
Play Lucky Trivia Play a trivia game to challenge your knowledge
What are your Easter eggs? Hear some of Google Home's funny responses
What does [animal] sound like? Make Google imitate sounds
Sing a song Hear Google Assistant's hit new single
Tell me a story Listen to Google Asisstant recite a tale
Tell me a joke Google Assistant will make you laugh
Read a poem Hear Google Home wax eloquent with some poetry
Repeat after me: [phrase] Google Home will repeat whatever you say
Give me a random number between [X] and [Y] Get a randomly generated number
Roll a die Have Google Home roll a virtual die
Flip a coin Google Home will flip a virtual coin
What is your quest? Find out Google Assistant's driving force in life
Can you swim? Ask Google Assistant about herself
Talk to Eliza Speak with a virtual therapist, who really isn't much help
Up up, down down, left right, left right, B A, Start Get 30 extra lives
Beatbox Hear Google Home break it down
Mad Libs Play the classic word game with Google Assistant
Play the name game Google Assistant will come up with a rhyme for any name
Make me a sandwich See what she says!
Where's Waldo? Because Google Assistant knows everything
Surprise me Are you feeling lucky?
Miscellaneous Google Home Commands
Tune my instrument Hear notes to help get your instrument in tune
Play a [letter] note Hear a musical note
Where's my package? Hear the status of your shipped order

There's More to Master With Google Home

Now, you have dozens of commands to try on your Google Home device. Hopefully they will help you get the most out of your device and keep in mind its most useful tricks. And if this isn't enough, we've previously looked at some interesting Google Home commands.

If you find yourself repeating the same commands every day, there's another feature of the Google Assistant that you should know about. It's called Process, and it allows you to create trigger action groups when you give a certain command or specific time of day elapsed. See our guide to Google Assistant processes to get started.