The JBuds Frames Are Speakers for Your Glasses

JLab Audio's bluetooth wireless speaker attaches to any pair of glasses. These include microphones and offer eight hours of play. JLab Audio launched CES with a new product today that can blow Bose off the water. JBuds Frames solves two problems that cause similar products: You can attach them to your current glasses and for only $49, they won't break the bank.

Speakers for Your Glasses

You no longer need to get a pair of new glasses to enjoy eyewear audio. With the JBuds Frames, you can retrofit your existing glasses with quality speakers.

JLab CEO Win Cramer explains what motivated them to create the JBuds Frames:

We loved the idea of what was happening in the audio-equipped frames category, but their price and design don't match the needs of the typical consumer. Besides price, one of the biggest flaws we saw was in the eyewear design and how the audio components were integrated. Their optics and frames didn't match up to a typical $200-$250 non-audio product, and limited styles will lead to the inevitable 'You're wearing that too? Awkward!' conversations. You can put the JLab JBuds Frames on any glasses you own, without fear of commitment or wearing the same eyewear as the person you're next to.

The two Bluetooth speakers snap onto the temples of your glasses. You'll get two sets of silicone sleeves to accommodate various eyewear types and sizes, including eyeglasses, sunglasses, or blue light blockers. The JBuds Frames also achieve an IPX4 rating, meaning you can safely wear them in the outdoors.

You can use both speakers at the same time, but they also work independently of each other. Each speaker is outfit with a MEMS microphone for audio calls. They have a range of up to 30 ft (10 m).

With a battery life of eight hours or more, the JBuds Frames outlast the recently launched Bose Frames by over two hours. To recharge your JBuds Frames, which will take up to two hours, you'll need the proprietary 4-pin charging cable included in the package.

What Do the JBuds Frames Sound Like?

Great sound is not the selling point of these speakers. That said, JBuds Frames has a 16.2 mm driver package and supports AAC and SBC audio codecs. You can also switch between JLab's Signature EQ and Bass Boost settings.

Like other products in this segment, JBuds Frames uses an open ear design to limit sound leakage around. Although we have not tested this product yet, the direction-opening ear speakers of Vue Lite Glasses that we have evaluated are i hearable to outsiders. You can expect the same for the JBuds Frame, although their design can offer a lower likelihood of sound leakage.

You'll want the JBuds Frames because you need to hear your surrounding while speaking on your phone hands-free or listening to a podcast on the way to work. They're suitable for biking, though in our experience, external noise will drown out anything you're listening to.

JLab Buds Availability

The JLab Buds will be available via JLab Audio for $49 in early spring this year.