Today Might Be Your Last Chance to Snag a Google Home Max

The officially retired but still supported super-speaker is now super cheap. Google is still selling off the last Google Home Max, despite the announcement that retired smart speakers are out of line.

The U.S. Google Store lists them as available for just $179, nearly half the original sale price for Google's premium family smart Hi-Fi system.

Google Kicks Max Out of the Nest

Though the Home Max was officially removed from retail a few weeks ago, US customers to the Google store can still buy the remaining stock. Only charcoal-colored units remain, and the speaker is selling for $120 cheaper than it's regular $299 asking price.

Visitors to the Home Max page on the Google store are greeted with a banner advising buying two Nest Audio speakers instead - for the same price as the reduced Home Max. It also assures Home Max owners that support for the speaker will continue:

If you already have a Google Home Max, you'll still receive ongoing feature support, software fixes, and critical security updates.

If you had your eye on the Home Max but were waiting for a good sale price, don't wait any longer. This might be your last chance to get your hands on Google's AI-powered Hi-Fi monster.

The Home Max is available for $179 from the Google Store.

Uno Mas for the Home Max

Home Max was introduced in 2017 and while time passes quickly in smart home technology, it seems a bit fast to push a top product aside. In fact, however, Nest Audio - Google's most recent line of smart speakers - takes everything Home Max does and a little more.

When the new Nest Audio speaker was announced in September 2020, the audio upgrade offered by the custom speaker driver was one of the main talking points. A single Nest Audio speaker can deliver sound good enough for most uses.Some audio-focused reviewers found that stereo provided by two nest audio speakers combined significantly improved overall audio reproduction compared to previous products. This may be the main reason to kill Home Max now.

Sure, Home Max has all the same brains as the newer models, but it can't compete in terms of hardware anymore. The low price may seem like a great motivation to get one, as you will get the same support as any other speaker, but this price is not low enough.
When you can get two Nest Audio speakers at the same price of Home Max and get all the same features along with the said better sound and real stereo sound, you need to have good reason to buy old speakers at this stage.