The 4.0 technology platform has developed strongly, so it has helped people to be more and more exposed to and experience many great products. Virtual reality glasses are a special product and are currently being developed and used a lot in recent times. So what are virtual reality glasses? What is virtual reality technology? Let's learn about virtual reality glasses with us through the article below!

* Introduction to virtual reality glasses.

   Virtual reality glasses have the English name Virtual Reality Glasses, this is a product that helps you experience virtual reality technologies. Using virtual reality glasses will simulate a real space, it has been processed by the computer in an extremely vivid way.

    The virtual world that you experience can be a game, or a movie. In this world, you will be transformed into the character in it and can feel that virtual world just like the real world. So this is exactly why we call it virtual reality.

   The special thing here is, this virtual world is not a static world but it reacts and changes according to the user's signals. Thus, users will have an interesting experience of immersing themselves in the virtual world.

* What are virtual reality glasses used for?

   Virtual reality glasses and virtual reality technology have many applications developed and can be applied to: Construction, architecture, real estate, military, or tourism, 3D printing technology, ...

   Currently, virtual reality glasses are applied to entertainment fields such as games and movies.

   For movies, when using virtual reality glasses, you will have a very large 3D viewing angle and a very real experience. It will be much better than sitting in front of the TV or computer to watch a movie.

   As for the game, you will immerse yourself in a world, you are the character that can move, the activities will be the same as the character, as if you were in that world yourself.

* How do virtual reality glasses work?

   Most of the glasses sold on the Vietnamese market today, most of them operate on the principle of 3D side by side. The screen will be divided into 2 frames, each frame will meet the image for each eye when used. When wearing glasses, 2 frames will focus through the lens system, it helps slow down the image and create different buoyancy like a 3D model.

   Screens projecting images are often very close to the user's eyes, usually 10-15 cm. However, when wearing glasses, we feel like we are watching movies on screens up to hundreds of inches in size. This is also one of the reasons why the image behind the lens has converged at a very distant point.

* Notes and considerations before using virtual reality glasses.

- Virtual reality glasses will be worn with full eyes so that no light can enter, videos, images, games will be designed with specificity to project in the glass environment. So the light and dark colors are clear and eye-catching. For new users, it will feel uncomfortable, because the eyes are exposed to images in dark space for the first time.


- After using, when taking off the glasses, you need to pay attention:Close your eyes for a while to let your eyes gradually recover to their original state. You should not open your eyes to look around all the time because your eyes are changed in circumstances, and it affects your eyes negatively, easily causing glare and you may also experience dizziness.


- Should not be used by underage children because their eyes are still at a developing age, which is easy to cause refractive diseases in the eyes.


- Using virtual reality glasses, your eyes will have to work with a very high frequency. Therefore, the maximum recommended use time is only 45 minutes to 1 hour.


- Another note when buying virtual reality glasses is to check if your facial skin is allergic to the ingredients that make the glasses. You should wear it for a while to check.


There is a question that many people probably wonder, "Are virtual reality glasses harmful to the eyes and brain?".

   The answer is: Virtual reality glasses will affect your eyes and brain when you use glasses of unknown origin, poor quality products from unreliable units. Inadequate glass components and lenses will lead to poor visibility and make you more susceptible to eye and nervous system problems.

   Virtual reality glasses are not harmful to eyes and brain, it is even good for developing imagination when you use quality glasses and have reasonable use time for entertainment needs.


* Things to pay attention to when buying virtual reality glasses

To be able to choose a good quality virtual reality headset, you need to pay attention to the following 4 criteria:

- The first is the brand: Big manufacturers will always take care of their products like pets, so the most advanced technologies will always be applied on their own products. Products born from major brands will always ensure the best quality and with extremely appropriate warranties.

- Next is to talk about the lens on the inside: The lens partThis will allow them to best display the images inside. After choosing a suitable brand, you need to choose glasses with lens elements that are applied modern advanced technology to have the best experience, and protect your eyes.

- Price: When buying a certain product, you will always pay attention to the price of the product, and consider the products that have a price that suits your pocket. You can refer to a number of brands and their prices and then choose for yourself the most suitable virtual reality headset.

- Customizability: With a customizable glasses, it will give you a great experience. And it will certainly outperform these non-customizable products.

   Above is all that you need to know about virtual reality glasses and virtual reality technology. Hopefully, the above sharing can help you choose for a virtual reality headset as desired.