What is smart home device? Why will it become the trend of the future?

   Smart home devices are becoming more and more popular and are expected to become a trend of the future. So what is smart home device and how is it beneficial?

  1. What is smart home?It can be understood simply, smart home is a living area using technology devices connected together, including: air conditioner, refrigerator, microwave, smart TV, smart light. , smart chargers, smart doorbells, ... through smartphone devices or smart assistants like Google Assistant and Alexa.From there, you can control and control your indoor devices remotely and synchronously simply and easily.

  2. What can Smarthome do?With smarthome, you can control and manage every smart device connected in your home, even when you are not there with your smartphone, tablet or computer.That way, you can monitor heating, electricity and water systems in detail and prevent forgetting to turn them off. From there, minimize unnecessary costs incurred and save a budget for your family.
Not only that, smart home can also trigger alerts for emergency situations such as fire, earthquake to your family member falling, injury, ...

  3. Outstanding smart home devicesGoogle Home systemReferring to smart home, it is impossible not to mention the Google Home system - a modern system developed by the "big" Google. In particular, the system allows users to control and interact with the Google Home smart speaker by voice to manage smart devices through Google Assistant, Google's virtual assistant.Some typical devices of the Google Home system can be mentioned as Google Home, Google Home Mini, Google Home Max, Google Nest Hub. In particular, Google Mini is a shortened version, cheaper than the original version, and Google Nest Hub is considered the most advanced smart speaker line of Google.
Amazon Alexa systemAlexa is a famous virtual assistant of Amazon that is integrated on devices such as Amazon Echo smart speakers, Fire TV receiver, smart TV and more with a wide range of products such as cars, electronics, home. smart, ... help you control smart devices more quickly and conveniently.Amazon Alexa is compatible with more than 10,000 smart home devices, including lights, switches, fans, air conditioners, televisions, locks, ... from famous brands such as Philips Hue, TP-Link, Sony, ...
Some typical devices of the Amazon Alexa system can be mentioned as: Amazon Echo, Echo Show, Echo Dot, Echo Spot and Echo Plus.

  Samsung Smarthings systemSmartThings is a proprietary Samsung system that connects Samsung devices together. Thanks to that, these devices can work together to make your home even smarter.Some typical devices of Google Home system include Samsung SmartThings Hub and SmartT Breath Wi-Fi - important devices for you to build Samsung SmartThings system. It wirelessly connects to all of your smart home devices and allows you to monitor and control them with a single app.
Apple Homekit systemApple HomeKit is a platform that brings together smart home apps with a dedicated protocol that can be controlled with an iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch. From there you can manage multiple devices from one iOS interface.You can use the Siri virtual assistant available on iPhone, iPad, Apple watch, Apple TV and HomePod for voice control or quick actions, or accessed from the control center page.

  4. What devices can connect to the smart homeSmart doorbellSmart doorbells from some brands like August or Pro help you know who is standing at your door or grant someone permission to open the door and enter your house with their name when set up on the central controller. .Smart door sensorMost smart door sensors use Zigbee waves to transmit information and connect to the central controller for increased security. Thanks to that, the device not only updates the door status is opened / closed in real time, but also has enhanced security and safety features.Smart lightsMost of today's smart lights can connect well with smart home systems such as Philips Hue lamps, Lifx, GE, ...
You can control the light bulb to turn on, off, adjust the intensity of the light and change different colors through smart speakers or portable devices such as smartphones, tablets.