What's the Difference Between Alexa and Echo?

Smart homes are the future. A virtual assistant is always ready to wait and your call seems like something like a sci-fi movie, except it's not. The future is here, and its name is Alexa. But why do we keep calling it echo?

At the fore leading the commercial AI ecosystem available is Amazon. Released in 2014, Amazon launched the Echo, the first always-on, voice-controlled smart speaker. Alexa is the powerful artificial intelligence that powers it.

If you're still confused, here's some additional information for you.

What Is Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo is a term commonly used to talk about various Amazon-made devices powered by Alexa. Although often used to address smart speakers, there are also versions with screens.

All devices have built-in microphones ready to give voice commands to Alexa. Any Echo device can work in any home with a stable Wi-Fi connection and will have free Alexa for life.

Over the years, many companies have built their own smart speakers with Alexa technology. Alexa can now also be found in a large number of other devices such as TVs, cars, fitness trackers, etc.

So what exactly is Alexa? And what can the virtual assistant do for you?

What is Alexa?

Amazon Alexa is a smart assistant that gives you the world of information with just one voice command. Always listen, you can wake Alexa at any time and order your requests.

While most people use Alexa to access everything from music, weather, news, this assistant also has a lot of other interactive apps. Alexa can remind you of your schedule, order food for you and even book flights.

With Alexa's skills, you use the knowledge and capabilities of the growing library. You can even change Alexa's name to something else if you want.

Connected to the Amazon ecosystem, Alexa has the power to do a lot of things. However, the full potential of Alexa can certainly be revealed when used together with other smart home devices.

Get the Amazon Smart Home Experience

Alexa and Echo are pillars of the Amazon smart home experience. With a combination of hardware and software, you can get the benefits of a virtual assistant when calling almost instantly.

While Amazon is still a long way ahead, Alexa is getting smarter every year and will eventually be able to implement more complex features and commands. With this, Amazon Echo will always be a great product line to start with when building your smart home.

With enough time, Alexa will be able to understand what you need from technology and help maximize them for your benefit. And to use Alexa and echo devices, you can use some great free skills now.