What will Industry 4.0 bring to gamers?

   The fourth industrial revolution was born on the basis of the third industrial revolution, the content is mainly inventions, discoveries and a combination of three "great trends": physics , digitalization and biology, or a combination of three worlds: the physical world, the virtual world (the digital world) and the biological world.

   This is a revolution that develops strongly with an exponential speed compared to the previous 3 revolutions. The characteristic of the industrial revolution 4.0 is the fusion of technology, thereby removing the boundaries between the physical, digital and biological fields, bringing a combination of virtual systems. and entity.

   At the heart of this revolution are emerging technological breakthroughs in areas such as artificial intelligence, cloud computing, blockchain technology, robotics, the Internet of Things, 3D printing, and Nanotechnology.

1.The meaning of artificial intelligence.

   Doesn't that sound cool :v Although artificial intelligence has a broad meaning like intelligence in science fiction, it is one of the key branches of informatics. The purpose of the science of artificial intelligence is to provide answers to real-life problems, which means that artificial intelligence will have human skills such as the ability to learn, plan Planning, teamwork, face recognition, listening, speaking, reading and writing bla bla ...

   Even surpassing humans because our health will weaken over time, and artificial intelligence will continue to learn forever.Looking at the problem positively, artificial intelligence will help us have extremely terrible bots for those who like to try hard (not for Dark Soul and Left 4 Death) or digital strategists who help us. Gamers have a tutorial like being trained by a professional coach.

   Not only that, there is a future a little further, artificial intelligence will be smart enough to become publishers, then play games to your heart's content.Perhaps for gamers, artificial intelligence will bring more negatives than positives. The biggest problem is that artificial intelligence can be better than humans. Everyone knows that the robot plays chess, learns its own tactics to win the world chess master, and if it loses, it can also learn more experience to win. And in the game too, future online gamers will have to face three forces: Hacker boizz, Papa SMURF and BOT.

2.Meaning of cloud computing technology.

   Perhaps it is a bit wrong to include this technology in the article, because unlike artificial intelligence that is being researched and not yet widely used, cloud computing is now quite widely used with services. such as Google Drive, Icloud, etc. In simple words, “It is a model in which information is permanently stored at servers on the Internet and is only temporarily stored in client computers, including including personal computers, entertainment centers, business computers, portable computing devices, ... ". But believe me, cloud computing has many uses that we have not fully exploited.

   If artificial intelligence means software, then cloud computing means hardware. First, as it is now, cloud computing technology is providing a large amount of free storage for computers. In the future, cloud computing will replace other hardware components such as cpu, vga, etc.

   Not as far off as other technologies, cloud computing has been and is being developed, specifically NVIDIA's GeForce GRID service. To put it plainly, this service allows you to use a well-configured PC (Potato Computer, not Professional Computer) to play a GTA V-sized game by sending interaction data to the server in the cloud. , then the server will process the data, generate frames (frames) and then send those frames to your PC. This can create a delay, but supercomputers in the "cloud" will process very quickly, and the deciding factor will be network speed. Anyway, NVIDIA did a great job to fix the lag.